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Who are we?

We are an art and media based company created by artists.

What do we bring?

We merge latest technology with artistic knowledge.

What do we bring to the market?

We have never come across any internet company run by artists. That’s why we intend to provide a service that also includes a creative approach with artistic values.

Why should you do business with us?

Our customers will receive a service based on robust artistic values as well as contemporary technology.
In other words, Oversal offers services from the artistic point of view using technology.

How do we plan our strategy to fulfill our goals?

We take time to plan, in close consultation with the client. Instead of resolving problems emotionally we will always stick to a factual plan to maximize results to create a successful strategy for our clients.

What values do we offer our clients?

We want to provide our clients with high quality solutions and services which aim to capture the essence of their project. We have the experience of supply to a wide range of corporate, media and commercial services. We are constantly developing new solutions to prepare ourselves for any eventuality, a plan B will always be provided to make sure that client is always covered. We work to establish a strong client reputation. We provide vast body of quality and creative resources, as well as also offering a solid work ethic platform. We want our customers to become part of our family and establish a long term relationship based on mutual trust and understanding; we want them to feel 100% satisfied with our services.

How do we integrate our knowledge to assist our clients?

The artistic side of our company is constantly working together with technologies that nest it; in this way we can make sure our products and services are integrated. At Oversal we don’t separate between artistic expression and technological advances.

What resources do we use to achieve our clients needs?

We are able to offer a wide range of technological disciplines and services including SEO, Blogging, Email campaigns, Social Media, Ad display and much more, but it is important to us to find out exactly what media and solutions are suitable for each individual client.

What next?

We know that our Faq don’t cover every angle. Please make sure to contact us further information.