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Memoirs: Materializing our ideas


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We all feel nostalgia from time to time. True, our memories often appear to be mere nostalgia about the analog simple past. But we see the digital age as the best thing that ever happen. The challenge is to learn how to use complex technologies without losing focus. We like to use our working memories to generate new ideas. After all we can’t create a narrative without memories. Communication don’t exist without them.

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{ Brand Interaction }

Now the interaction begins. But remember this is only the beginning; this is a constant battle your brand needs to win in order to establish itself and take its rightful place. Your brand needs to start a conversation, it needs to communicate ideas and establish a two-way interaction in order to add value to it, and enhance its reputation, credibility and influence. Your activities and messages must have a new agility – the key phrase is ‘optimize everything’. Through our network of international affiliates, which include some of the industry’s top digital experts, we will help you to share your message on a global scale. We will use our memories of working with brands and apply it to your brand.

At Oversal Media we believe that the most important element of your website and your brand is to establish a positive narrative. That’s why the content of the message should be attractive and engaging to reach your target audience. When the content is shared between you and your audience it is automatically validated and relevant for your customers. After all, if they don’t understand your message you could never earn trust and authority. Trust and authority help you climb page rankings. Great content helps you win, engage and encourage real people. ( Our memories )

. Establishing your presence

Your brands needs to be optimized

Establishing your presence shop mannequin

( Our memories ) – Your brand should be like a top athlete: it should be flexible, it should be durable but also adaptable. Your brand needs to use this agility to optimize it’s true potential, it should inspire people to embrace it and be open enough to welcome everybody. This is the initial step to establish true solid networking away from the fictitious and temporary shortcuts companies use on the web today. We have to make sure that we keep establishing your presence by adding regular fresh content to your projects like well written blogs, new images, social media profile update and engagement. Also we should keep listening to your audience and never underestimate or dismiss your customers’ consumer moods, changes in attitude and new trends. Very often it is not enough just to add new content if it is not going to be relevant or useful to your audience; we have to make sure that the needs of your customers are the most important thing we jointly need to address to become successful and to stay successful.


The three golden rules of consumer research

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Many firms claim that today it is harder to sell to people despite there have never been more channels to promote your products. But many companies and brands don’t take care to establish the right message to allow them to be heard and compete in the crowded market. They often rely on the more traditional, analogue way of telling their story and communicating their message. They get distracted with elements that seems to disengage their identity from their product. In the past, big resources used to be the only answer, but customers and consumers today no longer behave in a predictable way; fashion and trends change constantly, so the only way to keep them focusing on your brand is to use digital media in an intelligent and resourceful way. A company budget without market research will only be half of the tool for a company to succeed. But the good news is that there are many solutions we can take to achieve your targets. For example a proactive campaign and a constant rejuvenation of your brand content and identity. Of course listening and engaging closely with your audiences will give you an advantage in truly understanding your customers. A brand should always cut through the noise and chatter to create real and solid connections. That should always be an important factor to make your brand grow in the real world.

Opinions about your brand.

Safeguard your brand and your products

Memoirs safeguard shop mannequin

Your brand no longer controls the conversations that concern it. Social media enable everybody to exchange information and opinions about you, your brand and your products, in both positive and negative ways. These exchanges of opinion can affect and influence the attitude of others consuming your products. You have the responsibility as a brand to join in the conversation and establish relationships with your customers in order to safeguard your brand and your products. Oversal Media believe if a brand is listening to the consumer then it is very easy and natural to establish a positive conversation. Once the communication chain has been established, we shall develop a program to help your brand succeed in even the most hostile environment and circumstances by using the brand’s most credible resources. ( Our memoirs )

bLOG }


Changing Technology

Best rule!

First understand then communicate

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Brand brain

Technology may be changing the world but we are still thinking the same way. We believe that we still need skilled, intelligent, sensitive and brave people to drive forward ideas and to reach the audience. You still need to say the right words and show the right image to produce a smile or to provoke emotions in people. A message without these attributes will never be effective. Research has demonstrated that communication is still applying the same rules and principles. They send messages that we all need to understand to be able to communicate; whether it is a magazine, newspaper, TV, brochure or the Internet, we are forever bound by these rules. But traditional media and communications can’t exist alone. Fortunately we have the Internet to maximize the effectiveness of communication; so long as we embrace and work together with it, the relationship will always be a positive one. Traditional communication and digital communication should never antagonize each other. We should always embrace the relationship through positive engagement, allowing it to delight, challenge and surprise us, so that it works in our favor. But we have to remember that even a digital message or a banner ad could never on its own deliver all the mechanisms a brand needs to sell products. You need great ideas and understanding of your brand in order to get positive results.

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It is important to begin by defining the objectives of your company and asking yourself if you want to use a quick-fix method to keep you afloat for a little while, or if you want to develop a marketing plan that allows you to enjoy an enduring success and connect you with your current as well as your future audiences.




Once you have established your objectives it is required that you put your plan into action by:



Monitoring and gathering social media information about how the public is using your brand.




Because not all conversations will be positive or favorable towards your brand

You will need to categorize them in order to set up a strategy of engagement later.

{ Clarify }

and refine

Your brand

Our conclusions will be presented to you so you will have a clear recorded documentation in your hand. We understand that every report is different, so it is difficult to predict or formulate the outcome of each individual brand research and execution. But a common factor is that the final recommendation will always include the importance of customer market research and an in-depth evaluation of what the brand stands for and what solutions should be suitable to enhance the brand’s success.


Over-saturation of information can lead to confusion, too much noise can blur your brand’s vision, so you need to organize your data to make it easier to work with it.


{ The fastest }

And Most Popular

Search Engine To Date

Google is the largest search engine but you will be surprised to know that YouTube is fast becoming one of the most popular social media search engines, as well as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn. Your website should be attractive and engaging, but it must also be optimized to these networks. Google+ favors brands with their own Google+ presence. If it all seems too complex and confusing, we are available for consultation. Our world class search and social media specialists are here to help.

Planning and Wireframing

A certain amount of planning is involved in any digital or brand project. Oversal work very closely with our client’s to open the communicational channel so we can build a mutually respectful relationship that allows us to find out what direction the project should take. Communication enables us to get a clear interpretation of the design and development process. After an extensive analysis we review the effectiveness of the project ahead.

The remarkable candor about your relationship our firm will make this an intense and fascinating memoir later.